A cute shop.

Hello again friends! I am invited to a baptism this weekend and besides my little fawn I was looking for a cute custom gift. And when looking for custom and cute I always check dawanda first. That’s where I discovered minipunkt – a german shop that totally stole my heart! They also have a separate … Mehr A cute shop.

The owl garland DIY

Hello everyone and a very happy snowy Saturday! It’s time for another (cuuuuute) DIY from me to you 😀 Owls are involved. And your printer. See: The owl garland!!!! All you need is to download this pattern: owlgarland – and print in on cardstock or heavy weight paper. Cut the owls out and glue them … Mehr The owl garland DIY


Happy Tuesday! I would like to introduce some new friends to you: Aren’t they the cutest? I LOVE that owls have finally come to germany (we are a bit behind on trends ^^) – and I can buy them everywhere right now. ❤ xo. Katja