DIY: Lavender bath salt.



There is nothing better than a long hot bath after a walk in the cold. Or after a long day at work. Or just because we can. Anyone loving the tub as much as I do? I couldn’t live without it! Honestly. And what makes this experience even better? Yeah, bath salt! And even mooooooooooooore worth it? Handmade bath salt! And since I love lavender I made myself some lavender bath salt the other day.

This DIY was inspired by a friend of mine who gave me something similar as a christmas gift.



You will need:

A jar to store your bath salt in
Sea salt (the regular one you can buy at the supermarket is fine!)
lavender (I bought my lavender online)
optional: lavender oil (I LOVE the smell of lavender so this is a MUST for me)



First you want to put sea salt in a bowl.



Then, add the lavender and the oil. Stir.



After everything is well mixed, fill the bath salt in the jar. If you want to make it look prettier – decorate the jar.


Aaaaaah, isn’t that lavender color and white the perfect combo? I love it!


Would also make a cute gift for easter, wouldn’t it?




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