Around the blogosphere.

Hey there!

It has been a busy week and with busy comes „no time for blogging“ – or at least not much time for it. But I do read a lot of blogs and websites and here is what you should read too:

Fall is my favorite season. And Elizabeth just looks so much like fall – she makes me smile. Big time!

Baby fever. Baby fever! Such a cutie 🙂

Fraeulein Klein went out to collect some oak leaves. And yeah, she shares a pretty amazing DIY idea I might steal this weekend.

Sesame street made me happy when I was a kid. Danielle wrote a very thoughtful post on that show.

Miss James‘ family life looks perfect.

Oh, and I am not much into the Halloween thing but here’s a cute spider pinata.

And the great Katha looks very pretty on her blogger meetup.

Looking for some sweet stamps? There you go!

Let’s please not forget about food. Here’s a recipe on Pumpkin Cheesecake squares.

Also here’s a DIY for pretty crocheted lace doilies. It’s a PDF and it’s great!

This is the cutest thing ever: children talking about love ❤ It is in german but I couldn’t resist to show you. I hope you don’t mind!


Well… if there’s any website/blog you would like to recommend: SHOOT! 🙂



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