Books I love to read…

You all kno very well I really like reading books. Did I say „like“? I love it. When I was younger I used to take huge piles of books from the library home and I literally devoured them. I want to have a huge wall filled with books one day. And I guess I am doing my best 🙂

Ok… so what are my favorite books? (I realized after the pictures were taken I forgot „The Hunger Games“ …. my bad! But be sure to know I love that series to death. I already told you about my passion here.)

1) Glennkill

A dear friend of mine once recommended that book to me. Before reading it I thought I wouldn’t like it. But I was totally wrong! This book made me cry from laughing and it is so clever written. Basically the story is about a group of sheeps and their shepherd who got killed. They are like detectives and want to find out what happened. It is such a cute story because there are SO many things sheeps see different. 🙂 You’ll not regret buying this book. You will enjoy reading it and have fun finding out whether the sheeps solve the mysterious death of their shepherd or not. Please read this book!

2) Ich. Darf. Nicht. Schlafen. / Before I Go To Sleep

A first class Thriller about a woman who wakes up every day not knowing what happened the day before. It also is the story of her husband who was standing by her side through all these years. Who is helping her. Who is her friend. Is he her friend?
I had goosebumps and couldn’t stop reading until I knew the truth. That’s  what good books are like.

3) Die Bestimmung / Divergent

I wrote about this book a short while ago. I just want to make sure I really like this book, as well as the second one I am currently reading. And I am impatiently waiting for the 3rd to be released.

4) Die Auswahl / Matched

Most of you probably already know what this book is about. It is also a futuristic story of a world where everything is directed by the government. Even the partner who will be your perfect match to start a family with. Every year, all the 16year olds meet at a banquet and get to know who their perfect mate will be. Cassia’s match is her best friend, Xander. At first it feels ok for her – but then, there’s Ky….
It also took a while until I could dive into the story. Sometimes it is hard for me to read stuff like that because it feels kitchy very fast. But not with this book. It just feels…. unfair and sometimes hard to take. It also is a critical book on what our society might one day look like. I am starting the second book of this trilogy very soon. And I can’t wait to know how things will be this time. 🙂 With that said: I don’t regret reading this book!

5)  Juliet, Naked

I admire Nick Hornby and have read almost every book he ever wrote. Nick Hornby often writes passionate about music – this book is no exception. It is the story of Duncan and Annie who have been together for a long time and who have moved away from each other. Duncan is very passionate about this favorite musician, Tucker Crowe, who after 20 years has just published a new record. He writes a love filled review for a website. Annie writes one too but not so love filled. And that’s how she gets in contact with Tucker Crowe who for the first time ever felt understood.
I love how Nick Hornby is sometimes sarcastic and how he draws pictures of everyday life everyone can find themselves in as well. If you like music and if you like to read „real“ books… this is a perfect book for you!

6) Rubinrot / Ruby Red

Oh my! How I liked reading this trilogy! (I seem to have a thing for trilogies…)
It is about young Gwendolyn who is able to travel through time. And during her adventures she gets to know so many different times – it is fascinating. And also she falls in love. Of course 🙂 It’s a cute story, not too hard to follow and a perfect Winter time read.

7) Harry Potter

These books got me hooked on this whole fantasy-thing. It wasn’t until 2008 that I read the Harry Potter books because before I read it I thought I would NEVER be into it. But… I was. I read nights over nights. Good thing I was still at the university at that time! This way I didn’t need to get up very early like I have to do now… And yes, I know – all of you know the story of Harry and his friends. I just want to make sure that I really love these books. And I will always love them!

8) The Twilight Saga

I might not be a „Twi-Hard“ such as other girls and women. But I am totally into these books! Totally. I love reading them over and over again. The story of Bella and Edward is so heart warming because in my mind I am Bella and in love with a Vampire who would like to kill me. 🙂 How scary and yet so fascinating! Also… did anyone hear of „Midnight Sun“? It was supposed to be „Twilight“ the way Edward experienced it. Don’t know if this will ever be published. But I surely hope!

What are your favorite books?



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  1. Okay I’m super pumped to go throguh your list of books & check them out! I read the book, „Before I Go to Sleep“ because you suggested it & I LOVED it. So, I’m sure I’m going to enjoy these! I love finding new books to read. 🙂 If you ever need some suggestions, I’ve got a few blog posts about books I’ve read! At the end of every month I take a photo of the books I read that month. 🙂 Check it out if you’d like!

    (Okay and I just checked out the first one you suggested and I LOVE SHEEP, so that will be awesome. haha!)

  2. I’ve been really wanting to read Divergent. I’ve heard so many good things! Also, I started reading Harry Potter around 1999 (in middle school, ha) and I’ve been hooked ever since. The amount of details and creativity is just incredible.

  3. Except for two books, all of them are YA-books. You seem to like reading them. I loved reading your review of „Divergent“, maybe you can do that with other books too? Would spare me reading them myself and I know more about them than „just“ what’s on the bookjacket. Go ahead and make my job – bookseller in the Children and Teen department – easier. 😉 I would be especially iterested in your views on the trilogy by Kerstin Gier.

    Favourite books… I’m reading a lot of YA novels because of work at the moment. Currently „The Fault in our stars“/Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter by John Green. His books in general are brilliant fun. His style is close to the teenagers, he writes about „losers“ and their friends and cute and lovely lovestories. I especially like „Die erste Liebe (nach 19 vergeblichen Versuchen)“/An Abundance of Katherines and the new one „The Fault in our Stars“ (will be out in German in June some time).
    Other than that if you are into the more „real“ and depressing stories: Melvin Burgess‘ „Nicholas Dane“ (about a boy who gets sent to a boys home, repetedly raped by the guards and how he escapes and plans his revenge – very powerful); Tabitha Suzuma „forbidden“ (an incest love story; also very good style of writing), Matt Ruff „Ich und die anderen“ (so much fun).

    I have a few reviews (also of some of the books mentioned above) on my blog, if you’re interested.

  4. Bestimmt magst du dann auch die Libri Mortis Trilogie. Die sind sooo toll. Ich glaub ich hab den ersten Teil schon drei mal gelesen. Hast du auch mängelexemplar von Sarah Kuttner gelesen? Eins meiner Liiiieblingsbücher. Und Artemis Fowl find ich auch toll.
    Ich muss aufpassen, sonst liste ich hier gleich über 100 Bücher auf die ich gut finde. 😉

  5. I really liked Glennkill and I just gifted it to one of the kids I’m tutoring because it’s a book for every age I think 🙂

    The English version is „Three Bags Full“ (just wanted to add it, in case an English reader wants to buy or search for it 😉 )

  6. Since you love dystopian trilogies you might aswell enjoy the two series called „Across the Universe“ (by Beth Revis) and „Delirium“ (by Lauren Oliver) or a less romantic but suspenseful one „The Mazer Runner“ (by James Dashner) I really enjoyed all of these! But the most amazing book I have read lately is „The Fault In Our Stars“ by John Green. I highly recommend this to everyone!

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