Life lately. According to instagram.

It is no big deal I looooove instagram! (search for maedchenmitherz and let’s share pictures!)

And since I love using it so much I would also love to share a few of my precious memories of the last few days…

Dandelion that I picked near the gas station. I love dandelions. Like, seriously ❤

By the time the sun turns spring into summer I live off watermelon and grapes. It might be weird but I don’t need anything else 🙂

And here’s the obvious kitty picture. Look at his cute little paws!

Pretty polka dot shoes in pretty green gras? Always worth a shot!

This might just be my all time favorite picture.

The Mr. and I spent last Saturday at the beach. It was magical.


It was so lovely feeling the warm sand beneath my feet.

We have been eating outside a lot these days. And drinking virgin (without alcohol) Mojitos. YUM!

I also realized once more how beautiful this place I am allowed to live in truly is. It amazes me every time.

What did you do these days?



Es ist kein großes Geheimnis: Ich liebe instagram. Ihr findet mich unter „maedchenmitherz“, mal nebenbei 😉

Oben seht ihr ein paar Schnappschüsse der letzten Tage. Das Wetter war traumhaft sonnig, also gibt es vorallem sonnige Eindrücke!  

22 Gedanken zu “Life lately. According to instagram.

  1. aww Katja, I love that picture of you and your kitty! It’s so nice to see you smiling so brightly! ❤ And the picture of you and the mister, too ❤

  2. hehe, war er nicht 🙂 er mag es nicht gern, „gefangen“ genommen zu werden. aber da musste er durch 🙂

  3. oooooooh, i know what it’s like to be studying all day. but there will come a time you won’t have to study at all and make sure to step outside and enjoy nature, it is very inspiring!

  4. thank you so much ❤ after some darkness, there's light right now and i try to inhale every moment ❤

  5. das stimmt, aber ich bin ebenfalls neidisch, weil du in der großen stadt lebst 🙂 wie man es dreht, is immer irgendwie gemein! 😀

  6. katja, what wonderful photos! they make me smile & sigh. your life, is in fact, beautiful. 🙂

  7. Hach, schöne Somemrfotos!! 🙂 Ihr habt es so gut, so nah am Meer zu wohnen, traumhaft! 🙂

  8. Hach, deine Instagrambilder sind immer so schön!
    Ich liebe das Bild von dir und der Katze.. und ich wär auch so gern am Meer!

  9. Schön hast du es da!
    Also wirklich. Und wenn man es dann auch nicht weit zum Meer hat…Perfekt!!!

    Liebsten Gruß 🙂

  10. I love the pictures. They are all so heavenly relaxed. I love your hair in the kitty picture 🙂
    Looking good. Keep enjoying life and posting it here ^^ Because I’m studying at the moment and damn, I’m jealous! 😀

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