A cute shop.

Hello again friends!

I am invited to a baptism this weekend and besides my little fawn I was looking for a cute custom gift. And when looking for custom and cute I always check dawanda first.

That’s where I discovered minipunkt – a german shop that totally stole my heart! They also have a separate online shop here.

I was a little late with my idea of creating a custom stamp and stuff for the little one. So I politely asked if it will arrive in time (I had 6 days left until the baptism) and they answered that they are not sure but they will try. What can I say? It arrived today, just perfectly in time!

I ordered the cutest little stamp, a postcard, a stamp pad and a stationary set. It is all sooooo precious! And look at the packaging! Gorgeous!

You can also find pretty tapes there and buttons and notepads and stickers and and and….
If you are searching for a special gift or just something to treat yourself: Go and shop for it at minipunkt.de! 




5 Gedanken zu “A cute shop.

  1. hi there! 🙂
    there’s no actual store, you know, in „real“ life. but they do have two online shops. one is at dawanda.de and the other one minipunkt.de

    i get it’s a bit confusing because i wrote that they have a store and an online shop. sorry for that!!


  2. uhm, I don’t really understand German, so if someone could help me out a bit: does this shop exist (as an actual shop you can walk into) in Germany?

  3. Hi sweets 🙂 thanks for the link to this cute shop, so many cute & happy thingies 😀 Thinkin‘ of you & hope you are feelin‘ better. ❤

  4. I love all different stickers, tapes and ribons!!!! Definitely I will check that website! Thank you for sharing! I’m so excited!

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