Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like without internet. I am kind of an internet person. I love everything about it. But somehow I think it’s all so… unreal. You get what I mean, right?! Even though I love so much about it it makes me sad because I feel relationships are not the same anymore.

I really need to colour my hair. If you read my blog frequently you know I already have grey hair. That makes me so angry! I am currently thinking of getting my hair colour done by a professional this time and maybe try something different. Uh, I am scared.

I have this idea trying to collaborate with other bloggers. Maybe creating a new „gang“ of bloggers. There are SO many many great bloggers out there. I’d really love to team up with one or two and turn this blog into a better place 🙂 Let me know if you’re interested!

I want to get my nails done some time. I love when people have pretty nails. Most of the time mine look so … erm…. ugly.

French fries make my tummy hurt. Also. Boooh!

I need to clean out my closet. And I need to clean the house.

There are times when I clearly doubt my „talents“. Don’t get me wrong. I love this crafty thing. But some days I only see most of the ideas in my head were already „made“.

I want loooong hair. Pretty bad!

Knitting socks is so much fun.

Oh, and as always…. I own too many clothes. But I don’t mind 🙂

That’s it for today. Just random facts. If you want to, please share your random facts/thoughts.

I love yous.








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  1. I have long hair and I’ve been thinking about cutting it, but then I remember how I felt with I had a bob…so I haven’t made a decision yet! I’ve also been thinking of rounding up a gang of bloggers too, but if you’d like me to collaborate I’d love to! I’ve met a lot of cool bloggers because of the internet, and it’s AWESOME! Good luck with everything!

  2. i have been thinking a lot about how to create more of a social gathering in this sea of amazing bloggers. i’d love to hear more of your thoughts and hopefully be able to take part!

    i have long hair for the first time since i was just a wee kid, but unfortunately i’m in desperate need of a good trim, and i’m afraid a lot of that length will get chopped off. 😦

  3. I so know what you mean. I love being on holiday and not having the internet, sometimes I think about not using the internet for a while, but then I feel I need it for school work and such, and I think, why?

  4. you want long hair? i just chopped mine and donated it to breast cancer wigs. but i love it! 🙂 1920s bob. i video blogged the cut, so you can check it out, if you’re bored! 🙂

  5. to me your hair is long. isn’t that funny? about the grey. you might want to leave the color on your roots for 45 vs.. 25 minutes. my art/craft whatever ,is never as good in real life, as it is in my mind. other people will have 5 art projects completed in the time it takes me to do 1. i talked about all the wonderful people i’ve met over the internet, in my blog today. i think people don’t want to show the ugly parts for fear of being too vulnerable or unsafe.maybe that’s why it feels unreal. i don’t like when people would rather talk or text on their phone, than interact with each other. it’s kind of sad. but i’m guilty of it too. when you say collaborate with other bloggers do you mean like a blog hop on the same subject with links to each others blogs. like same art materials & what do you create? or the same food ingredients, & what recipe do you make? or same color scheme, & what outfits will you style or come up with?

  6. I totally know what you mean by saying that the Internet changed so much in our daily lives when we interact online instead of in person. But I love the Internet too. For all the possibilities and great people what I’ve met.

    I want to get my nails done, too and I want long hair. I mean, I have long hair, but my hair is thin/fine and I’ll never have the length of hair that I wish I had. Sigh.

  7. Hey Katja, I liked reading more about you. I doubt my „talents“ too many times, I want longer hair too and I would looooove to collaborate with you if you want me to =)
    I think I will write a „randon facts“ post sometimes soon too on my blog, you are right, many times the Internet looks so unreal.
    Have a nice evening!


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