The owl garland DIY

Hello everyone and a very happy snowy Saturday!

It’s time for another (cuuuuute) DIY from me to you 😀 Owls are involved. And your printer. See:

The owl garland!!!!
All you need is to download this pattern: owlgarland – and print in on cardstock or heavy weight paper.

Cut the owls out and glue them to a ribbon or yarn and… tadaaaaa!

You’ll get a very cute and fun holiday decoration to hang in your house!

Happy owlidays, loves!


14 Gedanken zu “The owl garland DIY

  1. wow – i love it! if i am allowed, i would love to show your sweet girland on my blog next year… tell me!

    ich wünsch dir nen guten rutsch 😉
    grüßle von dani

  2. Katja,

    These are so cute!!! Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to make this cute garland!


  3. Did you draw them yourself? Maan, they are so cute! (: I’m a frequent but silent reader… love your blog. ❤ Wish you a very happy weekend.

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