DIY: PomPom Snowman.

Hello and happy friday everyone!

I’m really GLAD it’s the weekend ❤ That’s for sure. And since I love weekends mostly because I get some time to craft, here’s a cute DIY I would like to share….

(A bunch of these little guys make a CUTE garland….)

You will need:

white wool
2 PomPom Makers in different sizes
red felt
glue gun
Plastic eyes (or buttons)

First, make 2 PomPoms. Make sure one is big (for the body) and the other one is smaller (head).

Then, cut a strap from the red felt for the scarf.

Put the felt aside and glue the head PomPom to the body PomPom.

Now, glue the felt scarf to the snowmans‘ body.

Now you only have to attach the eyes to the snowmans‘ head…. and you are done!


This is so much fun because

A) it’s very easy,
B) you don’t need much materials
C) your kids can make them too!



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