Blogiversary Day 4 – part 1: Wrist warmer DIY

Hello, loves!

To make this cute wrist warmer (that looks like an owwwwwwwl!!!!!!!!!), please grab

some yarn, some buttons, a crochet hook, scissors and sewing needle.

Start crocheting a band/string that’s long enough to be wrapped around your wrist.

Then, turn it around and crochet another row.

And again.

By the time you reach the end of that row, stop! Now, do 1 Single Crochet (without using the stitch below!!!!)

Then, repeat doing 1 SC into the next stitch.

This will be the first of your two button holes!

Turn around and keep crocheting for 2 more rows. Then, add another button hole and finish your work with crocheting one or 2 more rows (Depends on how wide you want the wrist warmer to be….)!

Finish it off by tying a knot at the end and cutting off the tail.

This is what your crocheted piece will look like. (Almost like an owl, huh?! ^^)

And then, add the buttons. They need to be on the other end of the wrist warmer (not the one with the holes!) – it helps to wrap the wrist warmer around your wrist and check where the buttons should be placed. Oh, and please take HUGE buttons xD

Sew on a beak using orange yarn and…. you are finished!!!!!

I’m in love ❤

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY as much as I did!

Thank you all for your sweet words and comments ❤ Makes my day!!!!!!!!!!



12 Gedanken zu “Blogiversary Day 4 – part 1: Wrist warmer DIY

  1. Ok, I have masters the basic crochet string but how do I turn around and make my wider?? and „hello??“ button holes ~ holey batman can you tell me how one does that.

    whew- maybe I overextended myself!! but the owl is so darn cute, I had to give it a try!


  2. Genius! I did my granny squares for the autumn love class and then joined them… it was terrible, so I became afraid of crocheting, but I’m giving this one a try for sure!! Can’t wait!


  3. i cant wait to show my girls this one! i suspect that we will be makin one of these cuties very soon! 🙂

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