Pom Pom OWLS – tutorial.

Hi 🙂

I made these today:

The picture is not the best because it’s already dark outside,…. but I think, they are still cute 😛
And here’s how to make these owls:

1. Make a Pom Pom. You can either use the Pom Pom Maker (my fave ^^) or this tutorial.

2. Cut eye-roundies, feet and beak from felt in cute colours! 😀

3. Glue to the Pom Pom.

4. Add plastic eyes or buttons to the eye-roundies…. And… done!

And now, go make tons of them, so you can have your own little owl-party! xD



24 Gedanken zu “Pom Pom OWLS – tutorial.

  1. These owls are adorable *-* I use one of your pics in my blog if you dont aprove. Tell me I will erase it. Really like your things 😀

  2. these are cute! I am making some right now.. come over and check them out in a bit once i’ve posted them 🙂

  3. Really cute, can’t wait to make some. Stop by my blog, you’ll really like it! And on Sunday I’m hosting my first ever blog party
    so do stop by and link up!
    all the best, Sara

  4. Those are so cute! Thanks so much for the easy idea and for adding this to the One Pretty Thing Flicker pages. I’ll be linking.

  5. ha ha sometimes we think a like! i was planning on making little owls wit my pompoms toooo 😉 They are very cute!!! ❤

  6. aaaaw ❤ so so cute!!! xD and you are right, they are very easy to make, and fun 😀 thank you for sharing the picture ❤

  7. Awww. they’re heavenly cuuute. You can’t stop surprising me ❤ I'm really wondering how you find the perfect balance between your job, your crafty life, your friends/family and all this stuff. I think you're on the good path right now.

    Keep up the great work ❤

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