Music „monday“ – a few words on NEW MOON Soundtrack.

Hey there! 😀

I got the „New Moon“ Soundtrack as a gift for christmas. But since I was a little disappointed, I thought, I should share my opinion.

Well, I really loved the movie, but most of the songs on the soundtrack are… hum, well, not bad, but not really what I expected. I don’t know…. they annoy me ^^BUT there are a few (besides the Death Cab for Cutie great song!!!!) I really like:

I really like these songs because they absolutely remind me of the movie! 🙂

What do you think?! o_O



6 Gedanken zu “Music „monday“ – a few words on NEW MOON Soundtrack.

  1. The songs kinda run together, not as unusual as the 1st soundtrack.

    I really liked Satellite Heart by Anya Marina and then I am a huge Muse fan.

  2. I haven’t heard the soundtrack yet, I’m waiting until I finish the first book again to buy it so that I can listen to it while I read New Moon 🙂

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