Cutest little mushroom tutorial

Hi ❤

Need something to do this weekend?

Why not spending your time crocheting cute little mushrooms:


You need


– Yarn in 2 colours of your choice

– Crochet Hook

– Scissors

– Fibre Fill (or any kind of material you want to use to stuff your mushroom)

– Sewing Needle

1. Chain 2,


and then 6 single crochet (SC) into the first stitch


2. 2 SC in each SC around… (that will be 12 stitches)


3. SC 1, then 2 SC into the next SC  – repeat 6 times (18 stitches)


4. SC 2, 2 SC into the next SC – repeat 6 times (will be 24 stitches)


5. SC 3, 2 SC in next SC – repeat 6 times (30 stitches)


6. SC 30 (do this for about 5 rounds!!!!!)



Now your crocheted piece will start to „roll“, but that’sexactly what we want xD

7. SC 3, decrease (DEC) 1 – repeat 6 times (24 stitches)


In case you don’t know, how to „DECREASE“, here’s the instruction:


insert hook into the stitch, yarn over,


pull a loop


insert into the next stitch, yarn over, pull a loop,


yarn over and


pull through all three loops on the hook!

8. SC 24 (for about 3 rounds)


9. SC 2, dec 1 – repeat 6 times (18 stitches)


10. Now you need to think of dots, if you want to have them on your mushroom xD So take the hook and start to crochet the dots:

Chain 2, then 6 SC into the first stitch. Then, 2 SC in each stitch around. This makes 12 stitches then. After you’ve done this, just weave in the end (I usually simply tie a knot ^^) and leave a long tail for sewing!


Crochet as many dots as you wish to be on your mushroom.

11. Sew dots to mushroom.


12. Stuff your mushroom.


You decide whether you want to stuff it tight or loose, I prefer tight. 😀

13. SC 1, DEC 1 – repeat 10 times (17 stitches)


14. Change yarn (because now you need another colour, like white….)


15. SC 3 ounds (51 stitches)


16. SC 1, 2 SC in next SC


17. SC 1, DEC 1 – repeat 8 times


18. Stuff it.


19. SC 1, Skip 1 – repeat until end.


Just tie a knot at the end.

20. Your mushroom is finished! 😀 haha, wasn’t that easy?!


You can simply leave it like this or add a cute crocheted band like I did.

Have fun crocheting and if you want, leave a comment or (even better!) a link to a picture of your cration ❤




21 Gedanken zu “Cutest little mushroom tutorial

  1. heyy ♥

    I love this mushroom soooooo much, i think i ma going to make a set of 3 in different colours! ♥ ♥

    Becky ♥

  2. 😀 ha, once you figured out how to crochet them, you won’t stop, i swear! 😀 i made tons of them and right now, i add them to nearly every christmas gift. 🙂 instead of a gift tag, you know?! just for the surprise ❤

  3. absolutely the cutest! i LOVE mushrooms and have a rather random collection of them, so this would just be icing on the cake to make! next question is when can I find the time and who can I make these for as gifts???

  4. aw, this is so cute!!! i think, you did a good job ❤ and yeah, it's after midnight over here now 😀 so i know how hard it is to get good pictures! thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. oh i’m quite proud of myself! after trying to make it so many times… and it feels great when you make something beautiful, doesn’t it? not only do you get entertained but also as a result you see it was worth the time spent on it!

    and i do believe practice leads to perfection! as my first mushroom is going to a special friend of mine, i’m so making a family! i want to make one to each special friend of mine, like a friendship amulet maybe? and of course, one for myself.

    so, here it is:

    the pics are kinda bad, i just took them and it’s nearly 9pm here.

  6. 😀 hooray!!!!! and you know… the more you practice, the better! it’s quite addictive, right?! 😉

    and picture would be so sweet ❤ i love when things work right. hope, you like your little mushroom, and… hey, why not making a cute little family of them?! ^^ perfect little christmas gifts.

  7. oh i got what you mean! 🙂
    i’m kinda glad to know that even you have to count the stitches. i thought it was just a silly beginner thing. hah!

    i guess i’m getting used to this. because hey, i just finished the mushroom! thank you for the tutorial and support! you’re sweet!!!
    i had some trouble in the end (the white part), but your encouraging to making it up a lil bit made me try and finish it — because well, i got all confused in the beginning and had tried to make it at least 4 times, but at this time the red is matching the pattern.

    it came out pretty good! it’s a xmas gift i’ll be sending to a friend next week. i’m turning it into a keychain. 🙂
    i might take a picture to show you.

    have a nice weekend!

  8. well 🙂 i know some people out there who are using little plastic rings to mark the beginning (or end ^^) of a row…. i always have trouble with this, too. but i started to leave a long tail and this is always my „mark“…. i don’t know, how to explain it ^^ and yeah… counting really sucks. (my attention always slips away and i forgot what number i had… -.-*) but i realized it isn’t that big deal! i often simply do it the way i think it looks good. so no counting for me, except when i want to make it PERFECT ^^ i just want to encourage you that it’s ok if things look a little bit different… 🙂

  9. oh yeah, that makes sense, thank you!!!
    it’s like „make 1 sc, then another, and then 2sc into 1“ haha
    it really took me some time to realize this!

    i don’t know why but i never get them numbers of sts accurately. 😦 do you have any tip on this? and also is there any easy way to know where the start of the row is? because i have to keep counting the stitches i’m making, maybe that’s how i end up confusing them all.

    thanks a lot again!

  10. i’m new at this. this is actually the 3rd crochet project i’m making…
    i don’t get the difference between „sc 2 & 2 sc“.
    and i’m guessing „dec 1“ stands by decrease 1, how do i do this?

    thanks in advance!!

  11. 😀 Ja, ich find diese Optik auch klasse! Hatte schon Zweifel, dass ich meine bisher gehäkelten Amigurumis alle „falsch“ (unbeabsichtigt) gehäkelt hab! 😀

    Liebe Grüße

  12. 🙂 du hast recht, also es ist die „linke“ seite…. bei mir hat sich das automatisch so gewölbt, von daher ^^ und ich find das grad bei diesem projekt auch schöner, wenn nicht die andere, „geringelte“ seite außen ist 🙂

  13. Hi!

    Danke für die süße Anleitung!

    Hab mal ne Frage, vielleicht hab ich mich auch verguckt, aber mir kommt es so vor, als würdest du beim fertigen Schwammerl die linke Seite außen haben… *grübel* Ich steche normalerweise andersrum ein, d. h. von außen in die Mitte des Pilzes… *grübel*

    Was ist nun richtig??? Hast mich grad ein bisschen verwirrt… muss mal googln gehen! 😀

    Liebe Grüße

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